[mythtv] libGL.so linking error when building trunk on openSuse 11.1, may be nvidia related?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Sep 7 16:38:31 UTC 2009

James L. Paul wrote:
> Aloha, I suspect this may be related to the nvidia binary driver being installed, but am not sure. 
> Attempts to build svn trunk version 21666 result in:
> It looks to me like I've got a version problem with the mesa libs, but I'm guessing since this is outside my area. I've tried
> passing the --disable-opengl-video and --disable-opengl-vsync switches to configure in the hope it would not need to link to libGL,
> but get the same error. This is for a backend-only machine anyway so I don't need to use the frontend on it.
> Any tips for what to look for to fix this would be appreciated, the most recent binary mythtv packages I can find for openSuse 11.1
> log the version string as "mythbackend version: 0.21.20080304-1 www.mythtv.org" which looks to me like it's 18 months old, 6 months
> older than openSuse 11.1 itself, which I find confusing. It certainly isn't playing nice with my new HDHomerun, which is why I'd
> like to test trunk.

The Nvidia binary driver package REPLACES some of the standard packages. 
If you have the '....run' package and extract it with 'Nvidia....run -x' 
  it will unpack itself and you can see, in the ../lib folder the 
libraries which it replaces.
Someone here posted a fix, which IIRC consisted of re-installing the 
mesa-libGL* packages. If you search this list at gossamer-threads using 
a search like "mesa-libGL NVidia driver" you should find what is needed.

I am not sure if mesa-libGL (plus ..libGLU ..libGLw etc) are enough. You 
may need to chase down what provides the packages which the Nvidia 
install replaces. If you do take that route, PLEASE post the list of 
removed files, and the packages which are required to re-instate them, 
on the VDPAU wiki page, where the warning about this behaviour of the 
NVidia installer is noted.

<semi-rant or request>
It would be SO nice if the Nvidia installer just RE-NAMED the files it 
touches, rather than just over-writing them. Even better if the 'run' 
package actually had a --uninstall switch.
Anyone at Nvidia read this list???


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