[mythtv] MythTV - Supporting new hardware

Guillaume Ferry ferry at bertin.fr
Tue Sep 1 08:52:27 UTC 2009

Hi !

I'm using a Radio Shark2 USB radio receptor under Linux Ubuntu distro,
which works pretty pretty well.
I'd like to use it through MythTV, and so I would need to declare a new
compatible capture device into MythTV.

First, is it possible to proceed this way easily (I mean, do I have to
patch the source code to support this device) ?
If yes, could someone explain me further the steps I have to follow ?
If not, I will ask MythTV developers then :)

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Guillaume FERRY
Bertin Technologies
Département Bertin Conseil
Activité Traitement de l'Information et du Contenu
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ferry at bertin.fr
www.bertin.fr <http://www.bertin.fr>
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