[mythtv] DVD playback issues, from revision 22120 onwards

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sat Oct 31 17:19:45 UTC 2009

Johnny Stenback wrote:
> Davin McCall wrote:
> [...]
>> Has anyone else seen the same problem, or is it just me? Is the change
>> in 22120 definitely correct or is it flawed? I don't know enough about
>> the code to be able to proceed - presumably the change *was* actually
>> fixing a problem so just reverting it might not be the right answer - so
>> I'd appreciate any help. (Perhaps A/V sync needs to be reset after
>> selecting a DVD menu item? How and where would this be done? etc)
> Others have seen this too, including myself. Thanks for doing the 
> legwork to figure out when this broke! This is filed as ticket:
>   http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/7067
> among a few other tickets as well.
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Davin
I don't know if this is related, but since going from 0.21 fixes to 0.22 
fixes (fc10.x86_64 from ATrpms) I have had trouble playing my 
Mytharchive dvds.  I have a large collection burned over the past few 
months using two-channel mp2 audio in both the menu and the recordings, 
and the Mythcenter animated theme.  I get no sound if I select the 
recording soon after the menu appears, but if I wait several seconds the 
selected recording plays properly.  If I re-enter the menu from 
playback, sound disappears, both in the menu and in any subsequent 
selection, but it's sometimes ok if the selected recording plays to the 
end and returns to the menu.  I can of course provide logs if that would 
be useful, but I've found it difficult to identify what might be relevant.

I'm not seeing the too-fast playback.  The discs play as intended in vlc 
- although with some stuttering at the beginning of the recordings - and 
on the hardware players I have tried.

John P

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