[mythtv] Estetic feelings of changset 22580

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Sat Oct 24 10:40:09 UTC 2009

Hi devs

I just applied 22580 on 0.22-fixes.
It works OK, but some users pointed me about estetic issues.

For playback I have enabled "Always Prompt for initial group filter".
With 22580, entering "watch recordings" gives:
-recordings screen with empty lists of recordings/genres
-after 0.3-0.5 sec dialog with selection of recording groups pops-up
-user choosing desired recording group
-recordings screen with properly filled list of recordings appears
All testers (3 persons)  perceived this behavior change as direction to 
worse (too much actions on screen)

If I disable "Always Prompt for initial group filter":
-recordings screen with empty lists
-after 0.3-0.5 sec list of recordings is filled with content
This is also perceived as worse.


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