[mythtv] channels.conf import process

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 06:46:25 UTC 2009

I've noticed that with 0.21 & 0.22 when importing a channels.conf that
MythTV still does a scan of the channels, usually in my case not nearly as
successful as the dvb-utils scan program which produced the channels.conf
in the first place.

The other undesired side effect is the excess channels produced - here in
Oz the FTA networks have a lot of duplicates - e.g Channel 7 has "7
Digital", "7 Digital 1", "7 Digital 2" & "7 Digital 3", all of which are
simulcast. I can edit the duplicates out of channels.conf but MythTV-Setup
will just add them back again.

Is this deliberate? I though the import process was meant to be just that
- not a rescan of the channels imported.


Lindsay Mathieson

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