[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #7380: video pause every 60 seconds at 00 seconds of each minute

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Wed Oct 21 05:55:55 UTC 2009

MythTV píše v St 21. 10. 2009 v 00:09 +0000:
> #7380: video pause every 60 seconds at 00 seconds of each minute
>  This ticket can be marked as closed.  The problem was gnome-screensaver
>  was getting in the way.
>  2009-10-20 19:03:09.726 ScreenSaverX11Private: Calling gnome-screensaver-
>  command --poke
>  Removing gnome-screensaver resolved the problem.

Well, I have some serious problems with xscreensaver as well (it
_sometimes_ activates during replay even though myth pokes it
regularly). I was thinking of replacing it with gnome screensaver but
after this #7380 I no longer think about it.

Given that even mplayer (as an external player) cannot deactivate the
screensavers properly without side effects I thought it was best if we
removed all screensavers (on standalone frontends) and added an own
simple screensaver to MythFrontend (with automatic shutdown after a
period of inactivity, because that's the only reason why I have a
screensaver installed - to turn off the mythfrontend automatically).

This is just an idea (without a patch), not feature request...


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