[mythtv] Compiling trunk under OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Sun Oct 18 23:04:15 UTC 2009

On 30/08/2009, at 10:25 AM, George Nassas wrote:

> The earliest Qt that tries to support snow leopard seems to be  
> 4.5.1. I patched osx-packager to pull down 4.5.2 (copy the 4.4 stuff  
> & add an -opensource option to the configure) which works OK until  
> it gets to libQtSql where it dies on unresolved symbols.

Sadly, I don't get that far with Qt4.5.2 on 10.6.1:

g++ -c -I/Volumes/Backups/MythTV/.osx-packager/build/include -I/ 
Volumes/Backups/MythTV/.osx-packager/build/include/mysql -fno- 
exceptions -Xarch_i386 -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 -Os -fPIC -arch i386 - 
D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -I../../../mkspecs/macx-g++ -I. -I../../../include - 
I../../../include/QtCore -I../../../include/QtXml -o .obj/release- 
static/qbuffer.o ../../corelib/io/qbuffer.cpp
In file included from ../../../include/QtCore/qvariant.h:1,
                  from ../../corelib/io/qabstractfileengine.cpp:46:
error: 'QVariantHash' is not a member of 'QMetaType'
../../../include/QtCore/../../src/corelib/kernel/qvariant.h: In static  
member function 'static int QMetaTypeId2<QHash<QString, QVariant>  
error: 'QVariantHash' is not a member of 'QMetaType'
make[1]: *** [.obj/release-static/qabstractfileengine.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make: *** [sub-tools-bootstrap-install_subtargets-ordered] Error 2
[osx-pkg] Failed system call: " /usr/bin/make -j3 sub-plugins- 
install_subtargets-ordered install_qmake install_mkspecs " with error  
code 2
Died at ./osx-packager.pl line 844.

Qt 4.5.3 fails in the same way. Did you see this one?

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