[mythtv] Transcoding problem

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 13 07:17:42 UTC 2009

I guess that all developers also read the user list, but i thought that getting help on the list is better than submitting a ticket i post the same problem here to before going to trac. 

It could be me that have done something wrong but since i cant remember doing anything to my system besides a svn update i dont know if it is a permission problem and where that is in that case.

I'm running trunk. Haven't updated for a week or two, but everything worked nice so i wasn't in a hurry to do so. But yesterday i did a svn update and now it seems that i have a problem with transcoding.
When i try to transcode a recording, well the completed status don't get updated in mythweb but thats not a big problem, the real problem is that the transcoding never finish and the mythbackend log fills up with this:
2009-10-10 11:33:50.929 Couldn't open file abort.dat
2009-10-10 11:33:50.932 Failed to decode frame.  Position was: 0
2009-10-10 11:33:50.933 Couldn't open file abort.dat
2009-10-10 11:33:50.935 Failed to decode frame.  Position was: 0
2009-10-10 11:33:50.936 Couldn't open file abort.dat

When i found out that the transcoding wasn't finished, my mythbackend log was 1,2Gb. So have i missed a commit that tells me why this happend or is something else wrong?


In any case, no matter what or why this problem occurs it could be nice if the log didn't fill up if anyone steps on this problem. 1,2Gb for a log file is pretty big and it would have continued until the diskspace ran out. If i had it setup to auto transcode and wasn't home for a few days that would have happend.

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