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Tue Nov 17 13:52:17 UTC 2009

- Left arrow  Skip back
- Right arrow Skip ahead
  NOTE: During playback of a recording you can enter a number of minutes to
        jump before using the Skip key. Otherwise, the configured defaults
        will be used. Seconds can be entered by entering four digits in the
        MMss format.

So you're wanting to use the "incremental" seek made possible with
SEEKRWND/SEEKFFWD, but the button you're using is mapped to
RWNDSTICKY/FFWDSTICKY, which gives a different behavior (the "absolute"
seek you're now seeing).  So, you can either change your Myth key
bindings as desired, or change your remote button mappings as desired.

Oh, and thanks for making me go through this--it made me notice that the
info in keys.txt for this is likely (way, way, way) out of date.  I'm
pretty sure you can never do MMss format, it's always minutes up to 99,
then goes to HMM format (or HHMM or ...).  In my testing, at least,
doing any 4 digit number always results in jumping to the end of the
recording, and I don't have any 10+ hour recordings to verify it's
jumping 10hrs and 13min or whatever.  And, I noticed that we (now) have
a redundant listing for Left/Right (and I'm pretty sure the extra one
was my doing)...


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