[mythtv] timestretch: predictive frame skipping (was Re: DVDplayback issues, patch)

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Wed Nov 25 20:00:30 UTC 2009

>The (1x) deinterlacers don't drop half the fields, do they?  Obviously
>the "One field" deinterlacer does, but not the rest, right?  I thought
>the yadif 2x actually worked at a double frame rate, and yadif 1x
>worked at a "normal" frame rate.

This is one of the problems as you need to present both fields to the 
deinterlacer so that it does a good job without doing funny slomo effects.

This is why (I assume) both fields are handled in the show section of AVsync

If the avg estimation of avsync is smoother, things would be better. just 
need a fast attack on start/seek.
say varying TC filter with a max of N which could be any number.

also Davin, still thinking on how I can expand on my previous arguments to 
make them more compelling.
this subject has been on my backburner for quite a while.


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