[mythtv] Compiling backend on Snow Leopard

Brian Ollenberger brian at ollenberger.com
Fri Nov 20 16:03:41 UTC 2009

I have recently done some work on getting the backend to compile and  
run on Mac OSX Snow Leopard. I have at least managed to fix or work  
around most of the issues that others on the list have encountered and  
mythbackend now compiles and starts without crashing. I would be happy  
to work with someone to integrate what I've learned into the  
distribution, but in order to verify that my backend is actually  
working, I'm trying to capture video from my Firewire cable box. I'm  
able to capture video with AVCBrowser from the Firewire SDK, but when  
I try with mythbackend, I get:

No Input in 1800 msecs
And periodic FireWire bus resets

If anyone who is familiar with darwinfirewiredevice.cpp is willing to  
help, I'm quite motivated to fix this problem, and will be happy to  
contribute any working fix back so that others will be spared this  
same issue.



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