[mythtv] DVD playback issues, patch

Davin McCall davmac at davmac.org
Tue Nov 17 00:15:59 UTC 2009

On 16/11/09 13:32, Mark Spieth wrote:
> avsync_adjustment is used to advance or retard video the next time 
> through the loop (the call to AVSync()).
> it is 0 as only if the measured avdelay is too big does it get set 
> otherwise.
> it is always in integral # of frames at the rate being displayed, i.e. 
> the refresh rate.
> avsync_adjustment is calculated by the avsync_delay. if this delay is 
> 1.5 frames ahead or behind, set avsync_adjustment such that the next 
> time through, a frame is doubled or skipped.

Thanks - Actually that does help. I'm starting to understand the old 
code - I hadn't really considered keeping in phase with the refresh and 
my current patch (probably) breaks that.

The whole piece of code in AVSync seems way more complicated than it 
needs to be. But I need to reconsider in light of the information you've 

To anyone who's following this, I'll provide another patch when I can.


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