[mythtv] DVD playback issues, patch

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Sat Nov 14 18:20:37 UTC 2009


I tested little last version of Your patch (on 0.22-fixes 22804).
Well  -I would say is solves issue partially.

Without patch:
In my case since beginning of my swtich to 0.22 (I switch at 22512 
level) I constantly have problem with playback speed in some of my DVDs.
Problem is: playback is to fast (10sec playback plays 14-15sec of movie).
I all cases however I'm able to return to proper by changing speed from 
x1.0 to any else value and return back. After this DVD is playing OK.

With Your patch:
Playback start with roughly correct speed - but I can clearly notice 
that speed is circulating around x1.0 with period of approx half sec.
Overall averaged speed is 1.0, but speed circulation is clearly noticeable.
But changing speed from x1.0 to any else value and return back causes 
tha all starts to be OK (speed is OK, movements are fluent).

All this suggest me that issue is maybe result of playback speed 
variable initialization issue or something similar...


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