[mythtv] Ticket #6922: Prebuffering pauses with VDPAU on HD channels

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> Maybe everyone could post a detailed description of the hardware/
> software in use, like I did in the ticket some weeks ago here.
> As Stuart noted: It's not going to help if you just say 'me too'.
> Obviously the problem doesn't occur everywhere, so there must be a
> common thing to our setups.
Well, FWIW, I've got this "problem" too. I was running trunk rev 22347,
where this worked flawlessly on the following hardware:

Intel DP35DP, Dual-Core 2.13 Ghz, 8GB memory, Nvidia 8400 GS (G98), 512MB

Then I jumped to the 0.22 branch (RC1, RC2, now fixes) where this is broken.
Also tried with  a 8600 512MB card, which exhibited the same behavior.

Tried a bunch of different deints, all to no avail.
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