[mythtv] mythweb, html4 vs xhtml vs html5

Ajay Sharma ajayrockrock at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 17:52:40 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 6:06 AM, Martin Ellis <malard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is there a forward plan to migrate from html 4 to xhtml or possibly
> html 5? there seems to be some parts of the project using xhtml and
> some html, for example the httpstatus.cpp in myth core is generating
> xhtml, which is being read and displayed on an html4 page, this alone
> could potentially lead to 'invalid html pages' (interms that it wont
> validate, but most browsers apply a tag soup principle anyway and
> would'nt display anything outragously funny)
> If we want to go one way or another I can start to submit patches
> towards that goal.

What about replacing the flash player with the HTML5 <video> tag for
supported browsers?  I was playing around last night and got a simple test
working.  Granted, it wasn't a "live" stream from the nuv file.  I had to
run ffmpeg2theora on the video file to create an .ogv file first.


PS.  Sorry if this isn't the correct place, I've been a lurker on the -dev
list for a few months.  Is there a dedicated mythweb list?
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