[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #7475: [PATCH] Trivial, Ok->OK nit in mythfrontend

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Sun Nov 1 20:54:59 UTC 2009

Hi Robert!

Robert McNamara wrote:
> If I was forced to write numerous
> translations/etc. every time I fixed a string/changed a string/wrote a
> new string, I would never get anything done.

Unless you fixed something very trivial (like case or a typo) you would not know what 
to change in the translation files anyway... (-;

I guess the question should be: "Would a patch that fixed a case problem or a typo in 
both the application and all the translation files as well be accepted?".

> IMO the change doesn't "break" translations, it just renders the current ones out of date.

Yep, you are right, "break" is too strong a word here...

> And that's why we have translators/why we send out a call for
> translations a month or two before release. :)


I am one of those translators... I am no longer working alone though, we are now a 
team of four (all working on the same translation...). Some of the tickets I 
submitted were actually fixes for problems reported by Gilles Choteau who works on 
our team).

> Robert
> PS-- I think your mythgame patch is right--


 > we tend to err on the side
> of American english, but the string should definitely be translatable.

We should prefer to use one over the other though if only for consistency sake... If 
we take for example the word "favourite/favorite" using the correct syntax for both 
the US and GB would require modifying both translation files currently...

Thank you very mich and have a nice day!

PS: Now if I can only get mtd/MythVideo to work correctly (it extracts but doesn't 
insert the appropriate entries in the db) on my PC to test another one of my patches...

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