[mythtv] 0.21-fixes Windows port plugins installation failed

Tero Mäntyvaara termant at gmail.com
Sun May 31 14:17:30 UTC 2009


I have tried to compile MythTV 0.21-fixes with win32-packager.pl script.
Processing the script failed giving the following error message:

COMMENTS:PLUGINS! make install

shell:C:\MSys\1.0\bin\bash.exe -c "( export
PATH=/bin:/mingw/bin:$PATH;source /C
/mythtv/qt3_env.sh;cd /C/mythtv/mythplugins;make install) 2>&1 "
cd mythvideo && \
qmake mythvideo.pro -o Makefile  "QMAKE=C:/MSys/1.0/qt-3.3.x-p8/bin/qmake"
cd mythweather && \
qmake mythweather.pro -o Makefile  "QMAKE=C:/MSys/1.0/qt-3.3.x-p8/bin/qmake"
cd mythmovies && \
qmake mythmovies.pro -o Makefile  "QMAKE=C:/MSys/1.0/qt-3.3.x-p8/bin/qmake"
cd cleanup && \
qmake cleanup.pro -o Makefile  "QMAKE=C:/MSys/1.0/qt-3.3.x-p8/bin/qmake"
Error processing project file: C:/mythtv/mythplugins/cleanup/cleanup.pro
make: *** [qmake_all] Error 2
EFFECT FAILED (newer -> shell): mtime of file
s/libmythmovies.dll) should be greater than file
[0]  [1243764913]

What is the fix for this?

Tero Mäntyvaara

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