[mythtv] Unplayable CBS recordings

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Fri May 1 23:20:18 UTC 2009

> Could one of the resident MythTV ffmpeg experts take a look to see
> they can determine the problem.  I've placed a short sample at
> http://istwok.net/ktvt.mpg .  I'm also attaching the output I get when
> I try to play the sample with "mythtv -v playback ktvt.mpg".

this is amlost certainly an issue with mpeg being recorded with a packet at 
the start which is incorrectly interpreted for codec types (or leads to 
this) and never resyncs.
a quick fix is something like

mov f1.mpg f1a.mpg
dd if=f1a.mpg of=f1.mpg bs=1M skip=1

this will force a resync of the detected bytestream and will often get it 
right. smaller bs is probably ok too.

another way to properly fix this is if the detected codecs are nonsense 
(anthe they probably are),
do a redetect starting on a different start byte offset of the file.
not sure how mplayer gets around this problem.
there is probably a solution there waiting to be found in mplayer file type 
detection code.


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