[mythtv] Mythvideo and fanart - minor defects

paul10 at planar.id.au paul10 at planar.id.au
Tue Mar 10 00:33:46 UTC 2009

> from a little hacking around with Terra + fanart last night I think at
> least the browse mode looks pretty kick ass.

I'd have to agree with that - it looks to have enormous potential.  There
have been mockups around for a while as to how good it might look, it is
really exciting to have it actually working.

On Terra it didn't jump out at me quite as much as I thought it might -
some of the theme mockups I've seen around the place seemed to have a bit
more "punch."  Nonetheless, I like it a lot - and someone like myself who
has no artistic talent at all needs to be careful in offering a critique
of the work of others!!

I did notice that, as currently coded, when you move from a video that has
fanart to one that doesn't, it isn't clearing the background.  My
aspiration is to have fanart for all my videos, so isn't a big deal for
me, but probably something for someone to look at before 0.22 ships.

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