[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3466: [13435] breaks the Guide video on some setups

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Mar 5 11:07:11 UTC 2009

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> MythTV wrote:
>> #3466: [13435] breaks the Guide video on some setups
>> ---------------------+------------------------------------------------------
>>  Reporter:  stuartm  |        Owner:  danielk
>>      Type:  defect   |       Status:  new    
>>  Priority:  minor    |    Milestone:  unknown
>> Component:  mythtv   |      Version:  head   
>>  Severity:  medium   |   Resolution:         
>> ---------------------+------------------------------------------------------
>> Comment(by danielk):
>>  It looks like both of you are using pre-6xxx nvidia cards and you don't
>>  tell the drivers to use the 3D hardware for drawing in the xorg.conf. This
>>  means you are probably using the dedicated XVideo overlay hardware.
>>  This is useful. I probably just need to replace the "Loading Preview
>>  Video" with something drawn in the current chromakey to get these cards to
>>  work. You can verify this by setting the xterm background color to the
>>  chromakey color and placing it over the video preview section of the
>>  guide.
> i am using the xorg ati driver on my laptop and it is broken.
> i am using the closed source nvidia driver on another backend and it works.
> --
> simon
nothing really changes
this seems to have bitten me again

when in the epg, the video preview is displayed.
when i go back into livetv. only that portion of the screen which 
contained the video preview is displaying a picture
the rest is black.

i realise that this has been caused by my fiddling. i upgraded to xorg 
1.5.3 etc. and changed my display driver to the radeon driver (from the 
ati one)
i gone back to the ati driver and the problem persists. this is annoying.

in trying to understand what is going on i have been reading the code.

one question:

i see in guidgrid.cpp the set up of a clipping region with setMask
i don't see this cleared anywhere.

what am i not getting?

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