[mythtv] Unable to change to a different major channel group while recording digital TV

doug at mobile-intelligence.com doug at mobile-intelligence.com
Sun Mar 1 00:16:57 UTC 2009

I am running stock MythTV (mythtv-0.21-201.fc10.x86_64) on Fedora 10.
The unit has two pcHDTV HD-5500 cards installed and is receiving over
the air digital TV in the US.

Both cards work fine.  I can record two shows at once without problems.
If the unit is not recording anything, "Watch TV" works fine.  I can
change channels without any problems.

However, if the unit is recording one show, "Watch TV" is tied to the
major channel that is being recorded and cannot be changed off of it.
For example, if it is recording channel 7_2, I can only get to channel
7_1 or 7_2, and nothing else.

But, if I go into the program guide and set a second program to record,
it does record.  And, if I then go into the media area I can watch the
second program while it is recording.

What is wrong?  This is extremely annoying.

Is this fixed in 0.22?  I see that 0.22-200_trunk_r19631 is available
from atrpms-bleeding.


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