[mythtv] New MythTV interface announced!!

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 18:56:49 UTC 2009

HI Xavier,

Thanks for your reply. I just want to start this by asking have you looked
at the design document?

The document at no point says that the solution would or would-not use
MythWeb as its basis. This solution doesn't compete with MythWeb (except for
the maybe "remote keyboard"); they aimed at different purposes ad audiences.

Have you used a Sonos?

Imagine a Sonos remote controller for MythTV... now your getting close to
what we are suggesting... interface on teh remote device; playback through
the stereo & tv.

> You are not answering to the essential question, why reinventing the wheel

The Telnet interface is simplistic, doesn't allow you to complete some
simple tasks; it could be extended to do what we want if the mythfrontend
developers were interested in helping us with just a few extensions to the
telnet interface.

> You do mention in your document :
> "Why not just provide an interface to the existing MythTV frontend and
> control it via telnet.
> It was considered that we could simply control the MythTV-Frontend via the
> telnet interface, but
> after experimenting it has been deemed that this provides a less than ideal
> experience (slow,
> flickering & ugly) even if the command sequence / timing issues could be
> resolved."

For a start; the interface is designed that there is no need for on screen
menus, there is no need for on screen text... The architecture of the
solution would be up to the developers of the solution - afterall that is
what they are good at...

With a few extensions video playback could be completed via a very
minimalist (almost no) theme and OSD.

Other media playback (i.e. music playlists, pictures etc) would still need
to be completed via a thirdparty application as mythmusic does not have a
telnet interface unless you go the keypress route of navigating into
mythmusic then requesting two presses down for the 3rd album to be
selected... this is not going to be very reliable.

I will update the document

> Sending command through telnet is much quicker than sending it over http.
> The key is to use telnet for what it is best for and using http to retrieve
> data.

I agree it is all about using the best technology to get the best interface
for users, which will drive adoption. The WAF would go through the roof with
this interface ;-)

> I personally  use a simple remote application for Symbian Phone which does
> use telnet and I can not say it is slower than using a standard remote (not
> mentionning that the range is much better thanks to the wifi).

and for some that is fine, but I have played with the available remotes on
touchscreen devices and I dont think they are where they need to be.
Touchscreens can be so much more than a representation of a physical remote
control - why not just use a device where you can feel the buttons so you
can *see* the results as you can look at the TV.

This solution allows you to look at the screen of the touchdevice... so you
can see where the controls are and read the information rather than having
to move your head back and forth between the two screens (tablet & TV).

Thanks for the feedback... keep it coming.


> Xavier
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