[mythtv] Ticket #6764: Add 10X skip

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Mon Jul 27 13:36:25 UTC 2009

Allan Stirling <dibblah.allan.stirling at googlemail.com> says:
> Not everyone has enough buttons on their remotes to have 
> both keys mapped.

I'd hope the variance in various users/developers' remotes in and of
itself would not in and of itself prevent adding this sort of
functionality. I know that the design philosophy behind keybindings is
that anyone with a remote that covers the 0-9, cursor, menu, and space
keys ought to be able to do everything, but how many people actually
use such emasculated devices? (Heck, is it possible to buy a remote
that only has these buttons and no more, given that any $10 Radio
Shack universal remote comes with more?)

> 10x10 = 100 minutes - Which would be a drastic change in behavior
> for those already configured in this way.

This is a better argument against it. As I implied earlier, I'd
completely forgotten that out of the box the default playback profile
is set to skip 10 minutes, not 1 (which I changed to my very first day
of using MythTV back in the 0.18 days; 10 minutes is just too far). I
agree a 100-minutes skip isn't hugely useful for most people,
including me.

A second set of skip forward/back bindings is still useful, though, if
only to still have the 10 minutes-skip functionality available. Look
from just today; he wants do a) make the same change I did, and b) I'm
pretty sure wants to keep PgUp/PgDown at 10 minutes.

If (and that's an 'if') adding a second set is worthwhile, this can be
done in a couple of ways:

* Add it to an existing set of bindings, as I did. I chose
  CHANNELUP/CHANNELDOWN because (assuming that almost anyone with a
  remote has both cursor up/down and page or channel up/down buttons)
  binding CHANNELUP/CHANNELDOWN to channel up/down, and
  JUMPRWND/JUMPFFWD to cursor up/down, means mythfrontend will do the
  Right Thing.

* Create a new set of bindings, say JUMPRBIG/JUMPFBIG, and leave it up
  to users to bind it as they please.

With either approach it might be desirable to add the ability to
modify the "big" skips' sizes from within Playback Groups, either by
modifying the multiplier or just another absolute number as with the
current skip value. We might not want to avoid adding yet another
option to mythfrontend|Setup, though; if so, a stock 10X multiplier
would work if there's any interest in changing the default skip value
in Playback Groups to 1 from 10.

> And in my very humble opinion, Myth already has too many confusing
> shortcuts, as you note above. Adding another one does not help this
> :(

I don't disagree, but are bindings (which not everyone will look at or
ever change, and anyone who does so is by definition making a
conscious effort) really the same thing as obscure undocumented tricks
akin to the similarly-undocumented TiVo 30-second skip?

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