[mythtv] The fate of PAGETOP, PAGEMIDDLE, and PAGEBOTTOM?

Michael Rice mikerice1969 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 05:05:53 UTC 2009

Ticket 4451 added these keybindings to help move quickly through long
lists.  It is a huge usability improvement (for me anyway) to bind
these to "2", "5", and "8" since these keys are not used in most of
the frontend contexts.  There also was a change (ticket 3703) that did
a similar thing in the proglist screen using "5" for the middle.
Unfortunately these seem to be removed in the conversion to mythui.
Is there a plan to restore this or similar functionality?

It would be nice if these keys were handled at the mythuibuttonlist
level like PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN so they would just work in all lists.  But
it looks like they would need to be added to the "Global" context and
since 2, 5, and 8 are already defined in that context I would have a

Alternately I guess (though I haven't tried) handling of these keys
could be added to each screen that would benefit.  But that is
essentially what was there before and it was removed so I assume there
is a better plan?  Or is there a way to do what I want that I don't
know about?

Anyway I need to do something about this since hitting PAGEDOWN 20
times tends to make me grumpy...  If some code is required I could
write it but I don't know exactly what the design considerations are

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