[mythtv] audio video sync on xp

jll544 at yahoo.com jll544 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 15:33:20 UTC 2009

> what are the differences between the "WINDOWS:" and
> "DIRECTX:" output types?

For MythTV purposes, DirectX (more accurately DirectSound) provides precise playback position information, so it may have slightly better AV sync than the legacy "windows audio" interface (after fixing the bug, of course).  Also, some Creative Labs drivers don't allow 5.1 output using "windows audio".
> why are there both?

I'm not sure, as most of the MythTV-win32 stuff was written over a year ago, long before I started looking at it.

> i did try both and while "WINDOWS:" would *work*, it displayed this 
> horrible sync problem. the "DIRECTX:" output was just so horribly broken.
> i assume your patches fix that up.

Yes, among other things, my patches fix the sync bug in "windows audio" and rewrite "directx" so that it actually works.

> am i correct in thinking that i need both patches:
> aowin_trunk.patch
> 6538-aodx_trunk.patch

Yes, those would be the current patches.



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