[mythtv] audio video sync on xp

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Jul 22 08:26:30 UTC 2009

jll544 at yahoo.com wrote:
>> i just build myth on windows xp
>> it actually works rather well - that is, a windows frontend
>> talking to a linux backend
>> one major problem is that the audio is about 1.5 seconds
>> out of sync with the video
>> what should i set the audio settings to (directx: or
>> windows:)?
> Changing settings won't help - both win32 audio classes in SVN have A/V sync bugs.  Try the patch(es) in Trac #6538.

thanks for that. i will do another build tonight when i get home.
i did find your patches after i sent the email last night.

what are the differences between the "WINDOWS:" and "DIRECTX:" output types?

i did try both and while "WINDOWS:" would *work*, it displayed this 
horrible sync problem. the "DIRECTX:" output was just so horribly broken.
i assume your patches fix that up.

why are there both?

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