[mythtv] Flowplayer in Mythweb

buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 12:29:39 UTC 2009

> Yes, they also have a strange interpretation of the GPL saying that you
> can't remove their logos and menu entries.

May I suggest that a suitable solution to the logo issue is to quote the 2nd
freedom of the GPL, which states you have "the freedom to change the
software to suit your needs".


It may be that someone's "needs" on this list specifically exclude any logos
and/or undesirable menu options.   If they then choose to "convey" ( the
GPLv3 term), or "distribute" ( the equivalent GPLv2 term) the changes they
did to the software by providing it in such a manner as a publically
available online media ( eg SVN repository ) , then they are 100% compliant
with the GPLv3, so long as they  "place his or her name on it, to
distinguish it from other versions and to protect the reputations of other
maintainers."  (

So essentially, feel free to remove logos and undesirables, so long as the
modified version clearly states somewhere ( eg in the code) that this is a
"modified version" or similar, and who the original author/s are, etc.

IANAL.   But I know *my* rights with regard to the GPLv3, and other people
logos aren't in my interest. :-)
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