[mythtv] Ticket #6666: Popups may not close if screen focus lost whilst popup is displayed

Marc Tousignant drayson at net1plus.com
Thu Jul 2 20:35:49 UTC 2009

> > Works in trunk 20745. I checked svn, the help_text function is a part
> of
> >  trunk/mythplugins/mythweb/js/utils.js, and has not been touched in
> 16 months
> >  since 16207.
> >  What version of fixes you using? Also what browser? I'm using IE8 on
> Windows
> >  7 at the moment.. I could check other browsers if you could tell me
> what you
> >  have.
> Currently happening on Firefoxen 3.0.11 (Jaunty) and 3.0.8 (Win32).
> I'll take another look at the MythWeb directory, but it's cleared out
> whenever I update from source (currently 0.21-fixes @ r20609).
> Cheers,
> Nick
> --
> Nick Morrott


I just checked with FireFox 3.5, hovering over the MythTV, MythMusic,
MythVideo, etc buttons does in fact change the date/time section to the help
about the button when hovered over.

I have found a different issue thou, on the upcoming recording screen, if
you put your cursor over an upcoming recording it used to do a popup with
information about the show when you hover over it.
Now, however, I am getting a little green box at the bottom of the page
saying 1 requests pending and no popup when I hover over an upcoming

This happens in both IE8, both in compatibility mode and not, and in FF3.5.


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