[mythtv] Request for feature: mythfrontend lirc debugger

Mathog David dmathog at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 29 20:19:55 UTC 2009

It would be very helpful for debugging lirc issues (especially lircrc issues) if the mythfronted enabled a mode accessed via:

  Utilies/Setup -> Setup -> lirc debug

Once in that mode, it would echo lirc events and find potential problems.
For instance:

(remote) press "1"
(lirc debug) received "1" - valid key
(remote) press "ok"
(lirc debug) received "space" - unknown key

This is from a bug I had to work through, where the .lirc/mythtv file
had the "ok" key bound to "space", but mythtv wanted "Space".

This would be a lot more user friendly than the present system, which
tosses a warning message into /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log.

lirc debug would also have options to show all the keys that have a defined meaning somewhere in Mythtv, and to reload whatever needs to be reloaded to pick up .lirc/mythtv changes.  Because it is a bit tricky to both show
and optionally act on the same events, the debugging session indicated above might once initiated, shut itself off automatically if after 10 seconds no events are received.

Yes, I know about:

cd ~/.lirc
cp mythtv lirc_test
nedit lirc_test #change all mythtv -> lirc_test
ircat --config=.lirc_test lirc_test

In my problem with "ok" bound to "space" it wasn't helpful, because I wasn't picking up on the case sensitivity issue. It just said "space", which was right (according to the lirc_test file) but wrong (according to mythtv, and probably every other application.)  Also the built in debugger what be much more end user friendly than the ircat method shown above.

Most of this suggestion was originally posted here:



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