[mythtv] Fwd: Ticket #6182: VDPAU support for 0.21-fixes

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 14:00:59 UTC 2009


2009/1/28 Janne Grunau <janne-mythtv at grunau.be>:
\> While I would indeed prefer open source drivers, you are missing the point,
> VDPAU is unstable, nvidia considers it alpha quality. There are bugs in
> their implementation, which is not open source. We have some workarounds for
> some bugs which might break with the next driver release. That happened at
> least twice since the initial VDPAU release.

nVidia has changed only once the VDPAU API (in 180.16), the number of
maximum references frame is now an option.

As for the other workarounds, it was just a matter of disabling
changing the colorset..

As to nvidia considering "alpha" quality, they put their 180.22 in the
stable category. The way I see it work now, it's definitely working
fine for me.

> How is VDPAU open source? where is the source code to the VDPAU
> implementation in their driver?

The specs are..
Anyone is free to implement vdpau in their own driver.

> Have you tried greedy deint or yadif?
Yes of course...
Mark Kendall's opengl patches helped tremendously but it's still
nowhere as good as what the nvidia cards do with vdpau.
There is always a slight scintillation happening. Currently watching
the Australian tennis open and it's very obvious: the white marking
line on the ground makes it painful to watch a game.

Tennis is what motivated me to get VDPAU working on 0.21 believe it or not

> I don't think it is in such a bad state

I compiled trunk on Thursday, while Live TV worked well (thanks to
VDPAU) mythvideo was broken, none of the high-def files played
properly and the sound of most divx being completely corrupted (lots
of white noise)

OpenGL rendering was broken (using 120% of CPU time), though Mark
Kendall as usual has been very helpful if giving me a work around.

And the themes unfortunately are far from finished... and old themes
make mythtv crash.
That and the hundreds of segfault I got in a day..

Mind you, this isn't a criticism of 0.22, it's a work in progress, so
many transformations are on the way that it seems that a stable
release is far away.

I'm yet to have experienced a single segfault in 0.21 even with my
vdpau patches...

Remember that I wouldn't have spent time getting VDPAU on 0.21 if 0.22
was okay.. It's not like I like to spend time on useless project.

> trac is not the proper place to track patches with zero chance of getting
> applied.

So why let people post patches there then? there are plenty of patches
for 0.21-fixes in trac, none will ever make it to trunk because they
fix stuff that have been fixed long ago in trunk or aren't relevant

You've applied a different set of critirias for this ticket than you
did on other... probably due to your anal view on "open source driver"

> you free to fork mythtv

Ah... I was waiting for that childish argument...

Come on, grow up and be a tad more constructive... And at least be
opened to criticisms other than just slamming the door like you just

I'm off now..


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