[mythtv] Fwd: Ticket #6182: VDPAU support for 0.21-fixes

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Tue Jan 27 13:08:03 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009 12:12:24 Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> Hi..
> Any particular reason why close (and lock) this ticket so quickly,
> without even a word of explanation?
> Surely, it will be useful for many while 0.22 stabilises...

If you want to make this patch available then that is fine, but we won't make 
it official or associate it in any way with the project because we are not 
prepared to support it.

If the ticket remained open then it would be misused by some people as as 
message board, seeking support.

Stuart Morgan

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