[mythtv] Adding automatic DVB-C/T scan using W-scan

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Sun Jan 25 22:10:41 UTC 2009

> 3) I was thinking about adding an extra scanning option (e.g.  
> automatic DVB-C/T scan) and hanging the new scanning method under  
> this, agreed?

Integrating it with mythtv-setup will be difficult.

Getting the user to run an external utility
(to generate a channels.conf file),
and then importing that in mythtv-setup,
is much easier.

> 4) Not yet familiar with the tuning part of myth, can someone bring  
> me up-to-speed on this? What files do I need to edit to add this  
> extra tuning option?
It is complex, but libs/libmythtv/scanwizardhelpers.*
contains the UI stuff.

An "External Scan Utility" option, could be added?

It could maybe call a script like "mythexternalscan",
that wrote an output file like channels.conf ?

ScanTypeSetting::SetInput() adds "Import channels.conf"
menu selectors for most card types, so it wouldn't be
too hard for a new ScanTypeSetting::Type to be added,
(something like ExternalScanUtil), and to trick the
existing parser to also parse the output.
(I can't find that code right now -
  the fastest way would be to search on
  Trac for the relevant channel.conf commits)

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