[mythtv] mythmovie grabber issue (ToS)

Josh Lefler joshlefler at leflerinc.com
Wed Jan 14 16:28:13 UTC 2009

MythMovies shells out to the grabber as an external program, then 
receives back XML. It would be possible to write a sort of "MetaGrabber" 
that shells out to various other grabbers then combines the results into 
one XML block to be returned to MythMovies.

I'm not necessarily advocating this approach and wouldn't have a problem 
with the idea of multiple grabbers in MythMovies itself, but its an 
option to consider.

If someone did implement multiple grabbers in MythMovies itself, they 
would need to consider what to do with multiple listings for a given 
theater or movie in the various sources - especially if these entries 
have conflicting data.

Josh Lefler

xavier hervy wrote:
> Hi,
> I have read at lot of mails about grabber not compatible with the ToS's 
> website.
> MythMovie at the moment use ignyte. Some people submit a grabber which 
> does the same using google. AFAIK this grabber would most likely never 
> go to trunk because of the ToS.
> The added value of Google is aggregation of different sources into one. 
> Google would not welcome software to automatically extract those data as 
> the would loose potential advertisement resources for a job they did.
> A possible workaround to this problem would be extract the data from the 
> sources. Most of the cinema company (i.e. cineworld, empire cinema in 
> uk) host the same information for they own cinema (address show times, 
> list of movie ...). Creating a grabber for each companies without using 
> google would be more work, but I  can not see any company complaining 
> because a third party increase their visibility to their potential 
> costumers.
> Doing this would required to:
> - enable multiple grabber for mythmovie at the same time.
> - configuring each source independently (as some use the post code, some 
> need an identifier of the cinema ...)
> Any though about that ?
> Xavier
> PS: BTW how does xmltv work ? It doesn't seems to care much about ToS, 
> Am I right ?
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