[mythtv] playCtx, Error: StartDecoderThread error

dave at 0bits.com dave at 0bits.com
Fri Jan 2 21:01:14 UTC 2009


I've been keeping up with mythtv svn's recently and seem to be getting 
errors when switching to livetv. I know the devs don't actually watch 
livetv but is anyone else facing these errors ? Essentially when 
switching to livetv, it hangs with the following error - no 
remote/keyboard input is accepted any longer and the screen is black 
although i can see the recording file growing constantly.. I have to 
manually log in and kill the frontend and restart (sometimes several 
times to get past this and actually watch livetv)

2009-01-03 00:53:33.017 TV: Attempting to change from WatchingLiveTV to None
2009-01-03 00:53:33.142 TV: Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
2009-01-03 00:53:36.036 TV: Attempting to change from None to WatchingLiveTV
2009-01-03 00:53:36.037 Using protocol version 43
2009-01-03 00:53:36.038 Spawning LiveTV Recorder -- begin
2009-01-03 00:53:37.475 Spawning LiveTV Recorder -- end
2009-01-03 00:53:37.487 We have a 
playbackURL(/data/tv/3307_20090103005336.mpg) & cardtype(DUMMY)
2009-01-03 00:53:37.487 We have a RingBuffer
2009-01-03 00:53:37.488 TV: StartPlayer(0, WatchingLiveTV, main) -- begin
2009-01-03 00:53:37.511 NVP(1): Disabling Audio, params(-1,2,44100)
2009-01-03 00:53:57.550 playCtx, Error: StartDecoderThread() Failed to 


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