[mythtv] chanid confusion

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Mon Feb 23 10:49:42 UTC 2009

I have always been a little confused about the meaning and uses of 
chanid, channum, callsign and name in the channels table, but now I am 
very confused.

I am building a MySQL only web interface to MythTV (see below for the 
reason) and I cannot tie up the chanid in the record table with the 
chanid in channels or programs. In  record I get numbers like 1001 1002 
1004 and in the other places they are like 2001 2002 10384.

Is there some structure the numbers or is there a cross reference I am 

The reason that I am doing this is that my MythTV server is mostly shut 
down and wakes itself up for recordings and early morning housekeeping 
on cheap rate electricity. It also gets woken up by WOL from XBMC or 
MVPMC front ends.

I have just switched the Myth MySQL to a Synology DS207+ NAS server, and 
so am trying to manage the recordings from a web front end. I visualise 
a task on the NAS checking for upcoming recordings and WOLing the Myth 
box in case its start time hasn't been updated with the latest schedule.

(Plan B is to get a cut down MythTV master backend on the Synology box, 
but I reckon the web interface may be easier)

Pete Shew

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