[mythtv] Compile problem in libmythtv after r19955M

Kari Salmela kari.salmela at lanwan.fi
Tue Feb 17 13:19:22 UTC 2009

DVDRingBuffer.o: In function

DVDRingBuffer.cpp:(.text+0x9b3): undefined reference to

DVDRingBuffer.o: In function `.L953':

DVDRingBuffer.cpp:(.text+0x657d): undefined reference to

DVDRingBuffer.o: In function `DVDRingBufferPriv::OpenFile(QString

DVDRingBuffer.cpp:(.text+0xaef1): undefined reference to

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

>amateur with the low level stuff but I wonder if it is related to your
>libdvdnav version? From memory I'm running version 4.1.3 but I would
>swear to that. You could perhaps check for the libraries being in place
>see what you got at "ls -l /usr/lib/libdvd*", and perhaps also check
for any
>updates from the medibunto repo?

I did try removing the system libdvdnav just to be sure that they are
not being linked into by mistake, but it does not seem to make any
difference. When looking what linker does, it includes 
-L../libmythdvdnav and -lmythdvdnav-0.22 and in
../libmythdvdnav/libmythdvdnav-0.22.a at least there is this string

root at mythtv:~/mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmythdvdnav# strings
libmythdvdnav-0.22.a |grep dvdnav_get_serial_string

One would think that linker would find the function from the
libmythdvdnav-0.22 but no.. Strange.


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