[mythtv] 0.22 scheduling

Peter Martens petermartens.list at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 20:39:04 UTC 2009

>> I think it is a good idea to finish the translations and let other dutch
>> people review it.
>> I will certainly look at your translations once they are finished.
>> Did you leave the texts you did not know exactly as unfinished?
>> Groeten
>> Joep
> I'm still busy with them, I look up the ones I'm not sure off in the other
> translations. Otherwise I use the context where it's in or use babelfish or
> something else.
Hi Jos

I am willing to help if you want. I did the translations before (until
0.20, I think) , but I hadn't have much time lately. I am sure willing
to review or help you out if you want. Please let me know.


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