[mythtv] scheduling, starttime accuracy

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Thu Feb 12 17:13:01 UTC 2009

Nigel Pearson wrote:
> I am trying to share commercial block markup data with someone local,
> and am having problems with the accuracy of the cutlists.
> It seems that my recordings are often up to 3s offset with his
> cutlist data. Looking at the recorded table, the starttime is
> _always_ an integral minute (i.e. 20:27:00, 21:30:00).
> Haven't looked yet, but suspect its just the way the code works.
> e.g. Recording 1 ends at 8:30. Recording 2 starts at 8:30 on
> the same card, The scheduler and file IO takes 3sec to create
> a new recording file, update the database, et c., but the start
> time is recorded as the scheduled time of 8:30.
> Proposals:
> 1) Use the real starttime in the recording classes. e.g. 8:30:02
> Con: May break things that expect starttime to be the :00,
>      or the scheduled time minus preroll
> 2) Add another column, like realstarttime. e.g. 8:30:02.874
> 3) For true interoperability, use the digital stream's timecode,
> or analogue VBI/teletext/etc data, if available and not too
> divergent from local time.
> Thoughts? I am tempted to implement at least 1 soon,
> simply because it seems the "correct" behavior.

how about being able (via the UI) to slide a cutlist relative to the program
one you got one lined up - then all the rest should be also

of course this is an enhancement without a patch :-)

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