[mythtv] lcd contents when shutting down frontend

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Thu Feb 12 03:29:46 UTC 2009

> When mythfrontend is closed normally, the menu contents remain on the
> LCD. This makes it harder to switch off the frontend when the TV is
> already off. I see a few enhancements to make this easier for the  
> users:
> 1. mythfrontend: copy exit dialog to LCD so user can see what's being
> selected
> 2. mythlcdserver: clear all ouput texts from mythfontend
> 3. mythwelcome: add interface to mythlcdserver to show recording &
> shutdown status

If I understand 2 correctly,
that would only be if the frontend crashes?
(because, if you implement 1, it could
  clear the LCD when it actually exits?)

Not sure about 3. If mythwelcome
is actually about to suspend,
why waste time showing that on the LCD?

> I'm willing to attempt to work on this. Any ideas?

1. probably just a call to LCD::switchToMenu()
in programs/mythfrontend/exitprompt.cpp

2. might involve a signal, and LCD::switchToNothing()

> And should I enter a trac issue for this?

Three separate tickets would be best, if only to
keep the (probably disparate) patches separate?

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