[mythtv] Category vs Genre

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 08:10:07 UTC 2009


I first posted in the mythtv-user list but I feel this belongs more on
the development list.

There seem to be a bit of discrepancies between the use of genres or
categories thorough mythtv and in particular mythvideos.

mythvideos and the video manager when calling the external scripts to
retrieve data from imdb will fill the Genres field ; allowing more
than one genre per video...

Yet, the UI only let you modify the category field in the mythtvideo GUI

Using the perl or python bindings however, you can only modify the
"category" field, and only one entry per video.

So which one are we supposed to use? category or genre ?

If the genre, what would be the recommended way to modify the metadata
using either the perl or python bindings ?
I'm guessing those would have to be modified to support adding
multiple genre to the metadata of a video entry.

Unless of course I'm confused and both genres and categories should be used...

Hope this makes sense.


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