[mythtv] beta stage of MythGallery patch, input/feedback request

Trisooma trisooma at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 4 21:56:34 UTC 2009


i'm busy creating a patch for MythGallery - my first one.
While it's still in the beta stages i would like to have some feedbsack 
on the following:

1) how to implement background scanning/testing of filter settings:
   - I would like change the behaviour in such a way that users can 
select something in the lines of 'check filter'
   - After selecting this button a popup would appear saying 'scanning..'
   - results are displayed/popup disappears
   ?  is  this the proper way to do this, any thoughts?

2) any thoughts on the filters currently present?
   [all/images only/movies only]

- Please keep in mind that the sorting functionality might not be 
working at all
- I know that scanning the directory takes a long time (this should be 

Anyone interested in taking a look, thanks!


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