[mythtv] Ideas for MythMusic rewrite

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Wed Dec 30 20:10:30 UTC 2009

On 30-12-2009 19:28, Otto Kolsi wrote:
> Other issues:

> - Last.fm

Although really preliminary I am dusting of my c++ skills in order to 
try and get a prototype running on my machine to at least submit now 
playing and played tracks to last.fm using their protocol.

I know above is only a limited part of the functions the API allows. 
Somewhere else in this thread I read that people desired the similar 
artist/similar music feature. IIRC last.fm can provide such through 
their API.

For instance the aritst.getTopTracks would list the top tracks of an 
artist ordered by popularity (which I think is based on playcount 
registered by them). They also implement a getSimilar function for 
artist as well as track. More on their API can be found here: 

Kind regards,


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