[mythtv] License

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 12:09:35 UTC 2009

2009/4/2 Myth TV <mythtvmythtv at gmail.com>:
> Well....it matters if you are planning to develop a commercial STB, and you
> dont't want your competitors to take any advantage from your work or your
> ideas. That's the reason why I start this thread, we want to do things
> right, we know and understand what opensource movement represents and we
> want to respect GPL licenses. But would prefer not to release our changes
> source code because of what I've said before and we were wondering if
> there's any way to achieve it.

I may be missing the point here but, provided you GPL the mythtv
source code, then you can't you apply whatever restrictions you like
on your own stuff?

There's any nuumber of products that use GPL Linux with GPL
applications but still contain propriertary code.  For example my
Reciva radio runs GPL Linux, and GPL UPNP and Web servers, but also
contains a licensed Realmedia player and other non open-source

I imagine your problems come if you want modify existing mythtv code,
rather than supplement it.

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