[mythtv] Mythfrontend telnet qt4 & multiple connection

xavier hervy xavier.hervy at bluebottle.com
Tue Sep 30 17:03:01 UTC 2008

I use the telnet interface to control mythfrontend through my phone
using telnet. My girlfriend is also using her phone to control
mythfrontend. However only one connection at a time is allowed which
required a lot of reconnection.
Therefor I modify the mythfrontend allow simultaneous connection.
However networkcontrol is still using qt3. Then I change the code to use
qt4 instead (build but not tried yet).

My question is:
Is anybody working on porting the network control to qt4 ?
Should I open a ticket and attach a path with qt4 & multiple connection
or one ticket for ticket for qt4 and one for the enhancement itself ?

Additionally, I have a 7" lcd screen on my mythbox (zalman HD160XT plus)
which is a clone of my tv. I admit it is really useless at the moment. I
would like to have something similar to mythlcd i.e display music
title... I could eventually hack mythlcdserver to display a window on my
However mythlcd protocol and telnet are very similar, apart the fact
that telnet work as a server when the lcd work as client(why?). I was
wondering if it would be wise to merge then by adding some command to
telnet such as :
addlistener/removelistener music to register the interest in music event
addlistener/removelistener menu 
addlistener/removelistener volume
This would allow more device to control/display informations about
mythfrontend such as lcd, phone, remote computer ... and remove the

Any thought ?

PS: I thought at upnp Remote UI Server too but have haven't seen any
concrete example using text/xml protocol instead of RDP/VNC and such.
And it is much more complex to implement

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