[mythtv] MythTV & R5000-HD

Alan Nisota alannisota at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 16:08:21 UTC 2008

Info at quantum-sci.com wrote:
> On Monday 22 September 2008 12:28:07 Alan Nisota wrote:
>> I expect to start working on R5000 (and coreavc) stuff again in a few weeks.
> Good to know, thanks Alan.
> Configuring MythTV with R5000 patches, I am stumped...  it says to run the configure script first, but eh, that is what I was running.  It does not recognize my libfftw3 support even with the -dev installed, and root is not being allowed to create symlinks (Kubuntu 8.10a5):
> R5000 support             yes               
This is good at least.  Your problems likely have nothing to do with the 
R5000 patches, since no symlinks are changed when applying the patch.

One thing to note about the R5000.  Make sure that you use the r5ktest 
application to verify everything works before testing it in mythtv.

You should be able to toggle power, change channels, detect the serial 
number, and capture streams.  If you can't do that with r5ktest, you 
won't get it working with mythtv.
Playback of HD streams can be tricky, since the players I've tried don't 
like them (mplayer, xine with dshowserver patch).  In my testing, Myth 
plays back better than most when using coreavc
with the dshowserver patch, but it has its own limitations (mostly fast 
forward and commercial detection don't work), and user expereince with 
coreavc in linux is highly mixed.

I am not sure whether the recent ffh264 patches on this list will make 
playback possible, but it would sure make things easier if they do.

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