[mythtv] win32 compilation platform - advice wanted?

buzz davidbuzz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 12:46:39 UTC 2008

I've written a tool (based around the win32-packager) that automatically
re-builds mythtv on the win32 platform whenever a new version is committed
to SVN.

At present it checks for SVN revision changes every 30 minutes, and
re-compiles if it's changed.   I've been running it since 17689 (to
present,18366), and had 17 revisions successfully build out of  a
theoretical 600+ commits, so the odds of a successful build on win32 are
pretty low at present.

I'm hoping this tool might improve the response time for feedback to
everyone out there, and make it easier on you all.

It will make it way easier for non-win32 dev's to get feedback about if
their commits might break win32 builds, so that's a good thing, isn't it?

How would you feel about me setting up the script to send success/failure
information (and partial or complete logs too, especially on failure)  to
one of the lists (perhaps the -commits list, or here, if moderator allows


P.S. I'll happily submit this tool for addition to SVN in
mythtv/contrib/win32/build/   if you think it's worth it.?     It might have
value as a starting point for other platforms, if anyone else is interested
in automated builds for OSX, or otherwise?
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