[mythtv] qmake weirdness on Leopard (OSX 10.5)

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Mon Sep 15 15:18:50 UTC 2008

George Nassas wrote:
> Hi David, MythVideo gallery view isn't affected. Libtiff is mainly for  
> reading .tiff images and I thought mythgallery was the only plugin  
> that used it but a quick grep through the code didn't turn up any  
> references to the library or any tiff calls. I guess it's an obsolete  
> dependancy?
Thanks George, I thought that the MythVideo gallery view used code from 
gallery, and therefore, if I excluded gallery, that view would be messed 
up.  Thanks for the clarification.
>> any other consequences of excluding libtiff and gallery?   Do you  
>> use a
>> specific set of options for osx-packager.pl?
> Nothing special. The -plugins option wasn't working last time I tried  
> so I manually edit the packager script to take out gallery. Probably  
> that's not necessary and it's enough to remove libtiff from the deps.
I'm going to remove libtiff from osx-packager.pl and re-run the entire 
build from scratch, see what happens...
>> Lastly, I commented out
>> the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH section of the osx-packager.pl script and it  
>> flew
>> right past configure and started compiling..  Maybe I'll just get  
>> lucky
>> and it will complete??  maybe not.  We'll see.
> I guess if the build tools don't need anything they create then it's  
> OK. I'm wary of building with one library setup and running with  
> another but if it runs who can argue?
Well, it did compile just fine, the problem now is I don't have an SVN 
build to test against.  If your concerns are accurate, then it's 
probably not a good idea anyway as these builds get downloaded by many 
people, I'd want them as stable as possible.  

Thanks for the help.

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