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Marc Feldman marc at openivo.com
Mon Sep 8 03:21:33 UTC 2008

In 163 days the over-the-air analog television signals in the United States
will be turned off.
Over 20 million households will need to buy converter boxes to get a picture
on their old TV.

What if, for the same cost of a converter box, they could buy a set-top PC
running DVR software.
They could pause live TV, record shows, and fast forward through
 The PC would take the digital signal record to the hard drive and output to
the SDTV.
They could also check email and shop via the web
 How could it be sold so cheaply?  Through addressable directed advertising
and e-commerce tie-ins.

The box would need to be:
Easy to work as a microwave oven.
Quiet and cool looking
Very, very reliable.  Just about bulletproof.
Adaptable to interface with web content and interactivity

Could MythTV fill this role?

Marc Allan Feldman MD MHS
Openivo, Inc.
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