[mythtv] are there any early previews of new UI?

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Thu Sep 4 14:10:38 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-09-04 at 21:15 +0800, jam wrote:
> Talking about the new UI, I recently lost a convert back to Winders.
> Mythtv performance was so jerky that he reverted
> Hardware was a dual-core pentium on an IBM so what ever their current graphics 
> hardware is um 945 tumbles to mind. The tuner was a Dvico DVB.
> Same hardware running the DVICO supplied app was noticeably much smoother on 
> an Xp install, same antenna, same location etc.
> What can we do to improve basic performance, before we concentrate on making 
> it glitzy?

Why don't we cure cancer before we change our children's nappies
while we're at it. If you're talking about the video being jerky
that was probably just a function of how he configured his video
driver, or how he configured X.org, or perhaps the video processing
he enabled. My video playback is not jerky. If you are talking
about the delay in loading screens that fetch a lot of data from
the database that problem could be tackled. But by and large the
people working on the UI are not the people who would work on
either video playback or DB queries.

-- Daniel

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