[mythtv] Trying to get DirectFB to work

Frank Muenchow beebof at gmx.de
Wed Sep 3 22:00:02 UTC 2008

Frank Muenchow schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use DirectFB for my myth-setup. MPlayer is working fine 
> with -vo directfb.
> At first, I installed qt-embedded-4.4.1 and DirectFB-1.2.3.
 > ...
> After that, myth compiled fine and started without any problems (with 
> option -qws). I saw the main menu as usual. But there are three problems 
> at the moment:
>  ...
> 3. Playback of Recordings (and LiveTV) does not work. It seems that NVP 
> is not starting - but I don't know why. You find a (shortened) log in 
> the attachments.

Now I know wha it didn't start - one needs to build DirectFB as 
multi-core-app. Now, when mythfrontend is running, any other DirectFB 
app (and Watching TV or a recording) gets stuck at

(*) DirectFB/Core: Multi Application Core. (2008-09-02 19:20)
(*) Fusion/Init: Builtin Implementation is still experimental!
Crash/Deadlocks might occur!
(*) Fusion/SHM: Using MADV_REMOVE ( >=
(*) Direct/Thread: Started 'Fusion Dispatch' (5085) [MESSAGING

So, it seems that QTe isn't using that fusion thing. Maybe this is a 
configuration error of QTe - maybe somebody of you know more about that. 
my config switch looks like:
./configure -qt-sql-mysql -qt3support -webkit -assistant-webkit

Any ideas?
-- Frank

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